Three children and their father were hurt in a road mishap that transpired near the Jungle River Boat Cruise in Ngechesar State at around 6:20pm on November 19.

Public Safety Director Aloysius Alonz, in an interview, said that the kids and their father sustained injury but added that it was not life-threatening.

The injured individuals were later brought to Belau National Hospital for treatment.

Alonz said that the Sedan car driven by a certain Faik Elbelau was coming from the direction of Airai and heading towards Ngechesar when it collided into the SUV car which was parked on the side of the road.

The director refused to divulge the identities of the hurt individuals to protect the identities of minors.

Alonz, however, explained that their initial report revealed the father of the children parked the car on the side of the road after it encountered some mechanical problem. While examining the car, the children were also outside of the vehicle with their father when Elbelau’s Sedan allegedly collided into theirs.

Police from the Melekeok Substation, Ngardmau Substation and the central office all responded to the scene after receiving the report, Alonz said.

Alonz said that investigation is still on-going to determine the actual cause of the collision but reiterated that this is not a case of drunk-driving.

“There is no alcohol involved. This is simply an accident,” Alonz said, adding that they are looking at overspeeding as one possibility of the cause of the collision.