Three Palauans have just begun their training with JICA’s Knowledge Co-Creation Program.

Welter Worswick, Ranger at the Koror State Government’s Department of Conservation and Law Enforcement is attending a training called Comprehensive Disaster Risk Reduction in Small Islands.

The program aims to deepen understanding on the significant roles of national/local governments and communities for disaster risk reduction (RDR) by learning good practices of various stakeholders such as DRR organizations, public and private actors in Japan.Worswick will acquire experience and the skills related to comprehensive DRR to formulate an action plan describing what he will do when he returns to Palau.

John Techitong, Program Coordinator at Palau Conservation Society and Jevon Emesiochel, Koror State Government Awareness and Outreach Program Assistant, were both accepted to the Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Conservation through Collaborative Management of Marine Protected Area straining.

Through this program, Techitong and Emesiochel will have a deeper understanding of effective protective are a management and sustainable use of natural resources with the participation of Japanese people and the private-sector.

To learn more about this and other JICA Programs, contact the Ministry of Stateor JICA Palau Office ,or visit (PR)