All that is gold does not glitter. ~ J.R.R Tolkien

In the city of Corinth in the time of Roman Empire, the people used jars of clay (bekai) like we use plastic containers these days.  The clay jars smelled like its contents.  To smell like perfume the jar would have contained resin or myrrh.  Imagine those wonderful spices from the east.  If it contained fish it’ll smell fishy. What do we smell like?

We are all born with natural  abilities (talents) and acquired skills. By faith in Christ, God gives us one or more spiritual gifts. You can find them in First Corinthians Chapter 12.

There’s nothing more frustrating  than a person occupying a role he or she is not even gifted or qualified for.  I see this in organizations, churches even in entrepreneurship.  One wonders how an individual occupies a position that makes him or her look distressed – always trying so hard to fit in because it would make them shine like gold.

As we are being healed through forgiveness, we go straight into the wild. When we finally get the courage to leave chaotic relationships of hate, resentment, and bitterness we often struggle to acclimate to our new reality. You may feel as if you don’t know who you are anymore. Your self-esteem may be at rock bottom. You might feel undesirable, unattractive, unaccomplished, and totally unworthy of the love of another person. It is wild. However that’s just the beginning.

Alone in the wilderness scared me. I heard unfamiliar noises. Strange noise. I began talking to myself like when I was a child. Self soothing and disciplined myself to trust the One I do not see.  Simultaneously I feared the unknown as well as  intellectually excited in my new adventures. Telling my soul that  toxic shame grew out of rejection and gaslighting, I don’t have to please anyone. Looking for the kind of love that Jesus loved – agape – was my mission. As the journey progressed I realized why it was wild — I’ve never been here before. So into the wild feeling unruly and vulnerable and alone, I found courage to pursue God.

God is wild and it required my faith not my feelings to be content whether I have plenty or lacking. New concept for me. Knowing His omnipresence got me to slow down one day at a time.  He has always been with me even when I hated him. Now we learn to love and be loved. I know I’m gifted in Christ. I know YOU ARE GIFTED.  We should be content to let our spiritual gifts work through us to edify those around us. Edification promotes growth.

We are not only to survive but we are to thrive, to be fully human and fully alive. Jesus did when he lived on this earth.

Paul likens us to a physicsl body made of different part but function together in unity.  And some of the most important parts of the body are not seen.  Amazing!  All that is gold does not glitter. Your gifts are important to the body to keep it working.

Perspective is so wonderful.

Father what we know not, teach us. What we have not, give us. What we are not, make us for the sake if your SON. AMEN.

Remember me loving you.

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