– the Fu Tsu Construction Company, Engineers visited Palau to service the power generators at the Palau National Gymnasium and provided training to local operators.

August 17th 2023

Koror, Palau – With support through Ambassador Jessica Lee, Republic of China, Taiwan Embassy here in Palau, the Palau National Olympic Committee, received and hosted three engineers from Taiwan Fu Tsu Construction Company from August 6 to August 12th.  The three engineers helped with the updating the services to the power generation systems at the Palau National Gymnasium and presented a four-day hands on training to local operators from Palau NOC, PPUC and Palau Royal Resort.  The training provided was in the maintenance services of the power generators, as well as demonstration and understanding of the operation of the generators.  The power generators are Caterpillar 1600 Kw Diesel Generator.  The training is important for Palau and sports management for sustainable services to help regularly with maintenance and services operations of the power generators.  To ensure a clean, safe, and healthy venue for all users and spectators as well.

The three Fu Tsu engineers were Mr. Ming Yi Huang – Kevin, Mr. Nai Chi Ho Hammer, and Che Yuan Hsu Roger. The engineers are also suppliers of generators equipment and builders as well.  The trainees who participated in the training from PPUC are Ian Iyechad, Sano Sakurai, Delugo Florencio, Vern Olkeriil, Joseph Villaflor, and Sione Isechal.  And from Palau Royal Resort – Ramino Toree and Tony, and from Palau NOC Joey Ballan and Alonz Moses.

The Fu Tsu lead engineer Mr. Kevin Huang was confident before his departure, that the local operators, especially the PPUC operators were knowledgeable and understand the generator operations to help provide support to the monthly review and services maintenances.  Including the Palau NOC staff with daily operations and services.

The Palau National Olympic Committee express much appreciation to the support of the Embassy of Taiwan for their support to the training, PPUC for the partnership to send in operators, and Palau Royal Resort for their partnership as well.

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