Unfinished  business will follow you around like a cloud that never falls as rain but overcast. It’s causing a Civil War  between you heart and soul. Your emotions fight your intelligence rigorously.  You can rationalize and tell them to be still to no avail.  You want to clear the air but you know it’s just a waste of your time.  I try not to think about this dark cloud overhead, but it keeps on hanging around. Am I depressed? I couldn’t hear my heart. Oh, God please help me. Deliver me from this annoying – buzzing thought in my head and give me rest.

I realized how sometimes our unconscious mind is trying to free a piece of information or a memory locked down in the depth of our mind that has been interfering with our personal development of our heart.  I found that it was a memory of how I was made to feel less than human. The silent treatment experienced when I was a teenager…very injurious and  agonizing. Man! I thought I’ve dealt with these stuff already. I was wrong.  This one was nicely tucked away in the tiny crevice of my heart.  I invited her out, embraced her and blessed her with love and peace. I told her the good news of God’s love and felt forgiveness I didn’t know I needed.

I thought of a song I heard long ago…a Reconciliation song by Ashton/Becker/Dente:  Where there is love there is peace. And in the cages of a bitter heart there is release. Hold it close to your chest, let it move and let it rest.  For it is here to set your mind at ease.  Where there is hope, there is a dream. To rise above, to remit, to redeem. To go back to where there is no hurt or anger there.  To find a song you could sing. 

Where there is hope, there is a dream. Where there is faith there is a chance to alter the course. And fight the wind of circumstances. Not to scar but to mend. Not to break but to bend. Not to know but to understand.

Where there is faith, there’s a chance. Where there is hope there is a dream.  Where there is love there is a peace.

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