Tomorrow is never promised and always doesn’t mean forever. 

I heard that statement but I can’t recall when or where or who said it. But it got stuck in my head because its true. It’s been said  differently though meaning remains the same. It’s also a part of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6).

I know very well that one of my dark sides is: I am a complicated person. I accept and understand why and how I get misunderstood. Could it be because of genes or the environment I grew up in?  I don’t really know. Although it’s definitely the sum of all of my  choices, my environment and life itself. I’m taking ownership of all the choices I made and accept all the consequences whether good or bad. Today I start anew.

Forgetting and denying my past will only lead me to repeat the same mistakes again. And boy! What a life it has been with loads of mistakes with many  lessons learned. Lots of risk taking, failures and disappointments. Many times I wonder how I got here in one piece. Yes,  many scars and scabs and even fresh wounds. But today I start anew.

 I have come to accept myself with all the good, the bad, and all the ugly.  Just for today. Now. I accept my reality. I don’t ask why. Today I start anew.

Some time ago I read something I wrote about the “brilliance of the mind God gave me”, I gasped, Oh my Lord God I was suffering with hubrisism (hubrisitis) the disease of the heart.  I think I was disconnected. Please forgive me. It made me think ★ I haven’t lost time, Im just given a space  to rearrange time.  I forgive myself. Today I start anew.

I know in my head, heart and mind that the two most powerful forms of connection are love and belonging.

I remind myself that I am loved by my Heavenly Father and I belong in his kingdom.

Thank you for visiting this corner and have a great weekend. ♡♡♡

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