September 24, 2021 – This coming Monday, September 27, 2027, marks the beginning of the 27th Basic Police Academy under the direction of the Ministry of Justice, which features a fifteen (15) week course covering all basic and core law enforcement principles and practices to ensure the new recruits going through the training come away with complete and rounded knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of law enforcement officers. The Academy will run through the beginning of the new year, ending on January 7, 2022.

Director of the Bureau of Public Safety Ismael N. Aguon after taking office earlier this year has taken the role of overseeing the direction, administration, and cooperation of all law enforcement efforts within the Republic of Palau very seriously. Director Aguon says that the goal of the Academy is to train “the finest law enforcement officers to serve and protect our nation”, and this sentiment couldn’t be truer.

This year, Detective Lebuu Gibbons will serve as the Officer in Charge of the Academy and will be responsible for the overall orderly administration and organization of the Academy and its 41 cadets.  This will be Detective Gibbons’s first year as Office in Charge of the Academy. Detective Gibbons shares that he is encouraged to note that this year’s recruits include a higher number of women cadets than previous Academies. In fact, there were so many applicants (51 in total), that the next Academy has already been scheduled to commence January 17, 2022.

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