GENEVA (FBC NEWS) — The COVID-19 virus is not trying to kill us as it does not have any brain.

This is the statement from the World Health Organisation(WHO) earlier today following updates of the pandemic.

Executive Director of the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, Dr Michael Ryan said that people have the ability to stop the virus by halting transmission.

Transmission gives the virus the opportunity to mutate, recombine and decode to a much fitter version of itself or a new virus altogether.

“The best way for us to stop that is to stop transmission in general. That’s why we keep saying we’ve got to stop the transmission of the virus. The fewer people that are infected the less chance of the virus mutating or recombining. And secondly the more we protect individuals with vaccine the lesser opportunity we give for people to be infected.”

Dr Ryan added that getting lesser people infected should be a priority given that this will allow the virus to die out…. PACNEWS

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