Buddha said, “Any  increased attachment to anything earthly is suffering.”  Jesus said that we are to store up treasures in heaven. They’re basically saying the same thing only difference is they’re  from a different viewpoint. The first is DON’T  and it is earthly. Second one is DO, and it is eternal.

Somehow we human beings tend to react to “Don’t” by forging ahead without thinking to do out of curiosity and destroy something on the way.  “Do” give us the freedom to do because it feels good and lasts.

Like a trailer, packed with things, securely attached to your car for a long journey to the unknown will cause suffering and costly.  Second wisdom is give it up to eternity. In fact the Jews say that storing up treasures in heaven is good deeds of mercy and kindness to people in distress. Personally it means to live life with an open heart and hands.  Be generous with gentle words and kind deeds.  A kind word could save a life. And love is something I received freely so it should be easy to give [freely]. It doesn’t have to be things. It can be a smile, forgiveness, kindness like opening a door for an elderly lady or share a cookie with child and practice patience and self-control. Waiting is a sign of love.  And understanding is wisdom.

All of life is filled with uncertainty, risk, chance, and the unknown.  We have to make choices all the time where no proof or certainty is possible. Aristotle saw that we need virtue to guide us in those relative and changing circumstances. We take time to think and engage in long and careful consideration only when we have a choice to make. In other words, when no proof is possible or adequate that’s when we find good results for our actions and good means to achieve them. I see this as using the treasures stored in heaven.

My mother shared some of her treasures with me. The first time I baked bread without her I heard her voice reminding me to sift the flour first to break the lumps to assure accurate measurement.  I obeyed the voice without deliberating because I saw her bake bread as a child.  They were perfect loaves of bread. Mother’s treasure didn’t weigh much.

Life is like baking bread… recipe is available plus all èssential ingredients are there, but it’s easier learning from those who have done it before. As Solomon, the wisest  man said, “He who walks with the wise will become wise.” (Proverbs 13:20). It takes humility to listen and learn from the wise.

Treasures can be shared and pased on to others only if they want it.  And they,  treasures,  make great gifts wrapped in love.

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