The opening of the new Waste Management site in Aimeliik is planned for next week and yesterday the trial run with the company that won the bid, Babeldaob Waste Collection Company, JICA and the National Solid Waste Management program began.

Calvin Ikesiil, Director for the National Solid Waste Management Program said that they are working with some of the States and the contractor on the trial run before the actual waste collection and processing begins.

Of the two bidders for the waste collection, Babeldaob Waste Collection Company won the bid.  The trial run will help determine how long it takes to collect waste from each of the State in order for them to finalize a waste collection schedule.

Once the collection starts, it will only apply to households, State offices, schools and parks.  Private companies will continue to bring their waste to existing waste sites in the States which are not expected to close immediately.

Acceptance of waste from businesses at the new site will happen after the waste collection schedule for households and States have been determined.

Tipping fees for businesses will not be charged for about 9 months after the site opens.  According to Mr. Ikesiil, they need to study and evaluate the volume of the waste and processing cost before they are able to determine the actual charge.  “We don’t want to over charge or under charge the customer and so we need to study it first before we determine the rate.”

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