Special Prosecutor April D. Scripps said that the Temporary Restraining Order she filed to stop President Remengesau Jr. from administering the oath of office to the legislator-elects of Ngarchelong State Assembly last week is a now a moot issue (matter is ended) as Land Court Judge Skebong had administered the oaths of office for the members of Ngarchelong State Assembly.

On October 8, a day before the swearing in of the members of Ngarchelong State Assembly (NSA), the Office of Special Prosecutor filed for a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent President Remengesau Jr. from administering the oath of office to the members of NSA.

Ngarchelong State Assembly passed a Resolution 19-033  in September amending its Rules and Procedures and adding President of the Republic to the list of persons that can administer their oaths of office.

OSP in filing for the Temporary Restraining Order argued that the President of the Republic is not authorized to give oaths of office.  “The purpose of filing the TRO was not to cause damage to the President’s reputation but to prevent him from engaging in a possible abuse of power.”

The court in late afternoon of October 8 granted the TRO but the next day, it vacated the order stating that the Plaintiff (Office of Special Prosecutor) did not notify the Office of Attorney General of the TRO in violation of ROP Civil Rule 65(b).

Special Prosecutor Scripps in a press release yesterday, said that they were not in violation because they did contact President’s legal counsel to inform the President.  She added that they were not wrong on the merits of the case rather they only failed to add the detail about informing the President’s counsel in their petition for TRO.

She said that issue is now moot because Land Court Judge has already administered the oaths of office. 

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