By Francis Talasasa, Reporter

A weak Tropical disturbance (98W) watch has been issued by Palau National Weather Service this week November 21.

A statement by PNWS Social media page explained the disturbance is centered 4N141E about 420 nautical miles to Republic of Palau southeast movements.


Models show the circulation making its passage near Palau over the next two days as an isolated showers of varying intensity for the date of occurrence as the circulation continues to move closer to the islands.

It says heaviest showers were seen on Tuesday early morning through Wednesday evening.

Winds and seas is expected to bump up for the next few days due to building east-northeast trade-wind swell and wind waves but should remain under hazardous levels.

Palau National Weather Service has given advised to public to adhere to Nemo Flags should conditions deteriorate.

An officer on duty at PNWS confirmed this as only a watch advice. Proper details and storm calculation will be determined during the passing of a possible storm. Official advice will be issued by the Guam and Hawaiian watch control.

Island times will follow up with the PNWS for further updates. [/restrict]