Orford Dictionary defines the word Trove,  “It is a store of valuable or delightful things”.  Ng kiwar el mui ra ikel meringel chad e mekreos el klokled ma mad’lchad er kid ra rurmechell. Sel sal kora morrau a rengum e kemo open er ngii to reassure yourself they were here. They made it. And so you will too.

The  Scripture (the Bible) is the  treasure trove of delightful word, promises and assurance for every situation you may face in life.  The WORD that transforms life.

Years ago I read two books by M. Scott Peck that were the most honest about our thought life. I visit the two of my GoTO books when I’m trying to understand are THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED is second to Bible to me. THE PEOPLE OF THE LIE is a book that directs me to GOD for strength in days of spiritual warfare. Someone said to win the war you must kniw your enemy.

 “Healing is the result of love. Wherever there is love there is healing.”

 “Evil is most often committed in order to scapegoat, and the people I label as evil are chronic scapegoaters.”

“Evil originates not in the absence of guilt but in the effort to escape it.”

When I was younger I lied to avoid hatred and rejections. It worked. Lying is sometimes is used to protect the liar from being punished, or to protect someone else from punishment. The lie might be to avoid being embarrassed, to hide an awkward situation, or to simply have others think better of the person telling the fib.

God forgives all your lying then transform you to be a truth teller.

Ever found yourself in a quiet moment of reflection, questioning your thoughts, actions, and motives? You might just be a self-aware person. We are encouraged to look inside to find healing.

What is Introspection? Introspection is a term used to describe the inward analysis of a person’s thoughts, sensations, or feelings. Additionally, introspection is the action of self-observation or self-reflection of an individual’s conscious mental processes.

Introspection is the examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. In psychology, the process of introspection relies on the observation of one’s mental state, while in a spiritual context it may refer to the examination of one’s soul.

People who are evil attack others instead of facing their own failures. Dr. Peck demonstrates the havoc these people of the lie work in the lives of those around them. He presents, from vivid incidents encountered in his psychiatric practice, examples of evil in everyday life.

God is more than willing to heal your broken heart. He’s just waiting to be invited in.

Remember me loving you.♥️

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