The Embassy of Hungary, with the support of the country’s National Cultural Fund and local partners will organize the Palau tour of József Terék, a well known musician of the Hungarian folk art scene. Mr. Terék is not a stranger to the wider region, having performed recently in the Philippines and Vietnam with his band„ József Terék and Friends”.

His primary work takes him back to his homeland, Tápiószele, and 21 other settlements along River Tápió. He researches and collects folk songs as a way of preserving the cultural heritage of the region, along with helping a spiring young folk singers and dancers.

József Terék is involved in the preservation and popularisation of aunique musical instrument, the Tárogató (in Hungarian), also widely known as the Turkishpipe.

Paying great respect to the instrument as a symbol of Hungarian culture,as well as its performers, he launched a series of concerts titled ‘Tárogató Hungaricum’ aimedat showing the versatility of this musical instrument. One can listen to Rákóczi marches, the songs found in old Hungarian codices, verbunkos music, authentic folk music, Hungarian melodies, classical music, and popularpieces performed at these concerts. By incorporating his own pieces and renditions into the pieces, he has aunique musical program worthy of representing Hungary on the international scene.

This January 2020, Mr. Terék will perform in Palau between 17 and 21 January, at the Belau National Museum and the Mindszenty HighSchool.

The admission is free of chargeon a first-comefirst-served basis.

Taguig, 13 January 2020 (PR)