President Remengesau Jr. urged elected state government elected officials to work together to address state priorities.

He said in that his remarks to the states that recently held their inaugurations to come together, identify their state priorities and work cooperatively to address those priorities.

“We can see from each state election results that the margins are very narrow.  We are few and all related so nobody wants to leave anyone behind,” he said of the narrow margins in the election results.

He said that it is up to us to forget the election and “organize and get things done”.

In November and December of 2019, Aimeliik, Ngeremlengui and Melekeok states held their general elections and margins between votes for gubernatorial seats as well as legislature seats in all three states were all very slim with some winning with less than 10 votes.

Ngeremlengui State and Melekeok State held inauguration of their new governments last week.  Aimeliik State has not inaugurated its 12th government due to lack of budget and a hostaged legislature. (L.N. Reklai)