A former fireman, Kazuma Takada has been convicted and sentenced to a total of 40 years imprisonment for crimes of Trafficking of Controlled Substance, Possession of Firearm and Abuse of Family or Household member.

Sentences include 25 years imprisonment and $50,000 fine for Trafficking Controlled Substance, 15 years imprisonment for Possession of Firearm and 48 hours imprisonment for Abuse of Family or Household member.  The total imprisonment sentence is 40 years and 2 days but sentences will run concurrently, meaning all three sentences will be served at the same time.By serving sentences concurrently, he will be incarcerated for 25 years or less.  He will be eligible for parole after serving a third of his sentence.  The sentence also state that he will have no contact with the victim and will forfeit his silver Volkswagon vehicle.

Mr. Takada was the first case to fall under the application of stricter laws on bail and drug penalties, RPPLs 10-40 and 10-41 that passed last year.

Takada in September 2019 was charged on eight counts of criminal charges including Trafficking of Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Firearm, Possession of Ammunition, Terroristic Threatening and Abuse of Family or Household Member.

The charges stemmed from 2 incidents in September of last year where Mr. Takada was observed by law enforcement officer selling illegal drugs to a police informant. In the same month, a report was received that he had beaten and threatened his girlfriend with a loaded gun.  He was called in to give a report at the police station and arrived at the police station in his own vehicle.  He was observed by an officer placing items on top of tool box trailer near the old administration building before going into the station.  Officer who observed him followed him inside and returned to pick up the items that were placed on the tool box.  The items turned out to be a .22 caliber handgun loaded with five live rounds of ammunition, 8 packages of methamphetamine also known as “meth” and 39 pills containing the same drugs.  Altogether, the “meth” or “ice” retrieved weighed over 5 grams.

In a plea agreement, five out of the eight charges were dropped and Mr. Takada was convicted and sentenced for the three charges of selling illegal drugs, having a gun and abusing a family or household member.

Mr. Takada is now serving his sentences at Koror Jail. ( L.N. Reklai)