Earlier in January, Palau Visitors Authority received generous donations from Mr. Yhaska Ginsberg through Mr. Glenn Seid, a local businessman.

Mr. Yhaska Ginsberg, a businessman who traveled to Palau for the first time was able to connect with the Managing Director of Palau Visitors Authority, Mr. Kadoi Ruluked. Mr. Ginsberg decided to donate two 65” television screens, valued at $1200.00, and two TV stands valued at $600.00, a total donation of $1800.00.

The motivation behind the donation was to add to the visitor experience when a traveler arrives in Palau. Because of their donation, we are able to play promotional videos of Palau at the airport. The large television screens have been placed in both arrival and departure areas.

Palau Visitors Authority would like to thank Mr. Yhaska Ginsberg for his considerate contribution in improving visitor experiences. PVA is working in collaboration with Palau International Airport Corporation (PIAC) and other tourism stakeholders to improve visitor experiences from the smallest details to grandiose projects.

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