Kedel Yaoch (left) and Francine Termeteet. Photo Courtesy: Facebook Profiles of Yaoch, Termeteet

Two girls from Ngiwal get a $1,000 scholarship each to help pursue further education after they were selected by Palau National Scholarship Board.

Francine Termeteet who is continuing college student and Kedel Yaoch who is a recent high school graduate were selected from five applicants.

Termeteet is pursuing her degree in Sociology at University of Guam and has been awarded the scholarship because she maintained her score of 2.8 GPA. This is the second year Termeteet has been awarded scholarship by the board.

Yaoch who recently graduated high school received a scholarship with her 3.3 GPA and wishes to purse law from Ming Chuan University in Taiwan.

Governor of Ngiwal Ellender Ngirameketti was present to award the check to Yaoch and Termeteet’s parents who were receiving it on her behalf as she is currently in Guam.

Yaoch said that she plans on coming back to Palau once her degree is completed.

Francis Termeteet who is the father of Francine Termeteet said, “She needs to come back and work after the degree to support her parents.” (By Eshan Kalyanikar)