The program is free to qualified applicants.  Your education, career training, room and board, meals, basic medical and dental care, and more are free when accepted into the Job Corps program.  Former college students, high school graduates, and school  

[restrict] dropouts are all welcome to apply; only individuals who need career training, show a sincere commitment to working hard, willing to comply with Job Corps policies and rules, and have a desire to obtain quality employment will be accepted into the program.

Acceptance into the Job Corps program is determined after you pass an eligibility screening and interview with an Admission Counselor.  Your entry date depends on space availability in the dormitories, and the career training you are interested in learning.  If you have any pending court hearings, outstanding fines, community service hours or other forms of restitution, you cannot apply until these obligations are completed or paid for.  You will be drug screened the first day you enter the program.  Job Corps takes zero tolerance stands against drugs, violence, sexual harassment, and alcohol use in the program.  Your safety, and the safety of others, is a primary concern at Job Corps.  Minister Baklai Temengil-Chilton would like to wish Mark N. Polloi and Jack Udui Jr., all the best in their training and encourage them to return home to work in Palau. [/restrict]