The Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) would like to recognize and thank the Taiwanese Embassy and the Taiwanese Association in Palau for their recent donation of  

[restrict] mosquito repellants which was made in response to the current Dengue Fever Outbreak in Palau. Taiwanese Association President Chih-Heng Wang and Association Director Howard Sang presented the donation to the Ministry of Health. They were accompanied by the Taiwanese Ambassador to Palau His Excellency Michael Y. K. Tseng and his staff.
Since October 2016, over 200 people have been admitted for Dengue Fever at the Belau National Hospital. The public is urged to practice preventive measures in order to prevent infection and stop the spread of Dengue Fever. This includes:
• Use insect repellant to protect yourself from infection.
• The best way to prevent Dengue Fever is to take away mosquito-breeding areas. The Aedes mosquito only needs as
little as a teaspoon or a bottle cap of water to breed. Remember to take the following steps to reduce mosquito-
breeding grounds and protect yourself and your loved ones from Dengue Fever:
→ Remove or recycle old tires, cans, bottles, and other containers that can collect water.
→ If you recycle cans, please keep them in dry areas and ensure cans or bottles are completely emptied when
setting in your can bins.
→ Make sure your water catchment tank/other water storage is properly covered.
→ Empty standing water in flower pots, old tires, other containers in and around the house, every day.
→ Cut grass regularly and fill in puddles of water in your yard.
• Limit outdoor activity during dawn and dusk when Aedes mosquitoes are most active.
• Community leaders and organizations are encouraged to organize community-wide cleanups to eradicate potential
mosquito-breeding grounds.
The best key to fighting Dengue Fever is prevention. Follow these steps to protect you and your family from getting infected with Dengue Fever!
The Ministry of Health expresses its deepest gratitude to the Embassy of the Republic China (Taiwan) and the Taiwanese Association in Palau for their generosity during such a time. Thank you for your continued support of our people’s well-being.
For more information on mosquito-borne diseases, please contact the MOH Communicable Disease Unit at 488-2450 and for more tips on how to stop the breeding of mosquitoes and prevent infection, please contact the MOH Division of Environmental Health, Vector Control and Prevention Program at 488-6073 or 488-6345. [/restrict]