The second appointed ambassador from the United States of America to the Republic of Palau, Ambassador Amy Hyatt is wrapping up her term here in Palau after five years, and scheduled to depart the country tomorrow back to the United States.  In an interview with Island Times, Ambassador Hyatt expressed her appreciation to the people of Palau saying that she was “embraced by the people of Palau” during her tenure here.

“Palau is a very faith embracing the culture and I have really felt embraced by the Palauan people,” stated Ambassador Hyatt.

Her Excellency Hyatt said that her time in Palau, she had seen Palau go through government transition, and “see and understand behind the scenes” work and she has been very impressed with the organization and development of the country.  She attributes the success of the country to the strength of the Palauan women.

In the interview, she said she was very happy to have been able to “help energize” the relationship between the United States and Palau.  “It was very important to me and to the US government that Palau feels closely connected to the United States.  Embassy and I have worked hard to ensure that the relationship is strong,” emphasized Ambassador Hyatt.  She added that it was not just government to government relationship that they aimed to strengthen but also people to people relationship.

Among the number of activities, Ambassador Hyatt made possible included Science Fellow Program that brought individuals from US agencies to assist government and non-government development projects such as Ebiil Society, the Protected Areas Network, EQPB, and others.

In addition, Ambassador Hyatt endorsed the Public Diplomacy Program that facilitated trips and visits to benefit Palauans including On-Demand Youth Leadership program, International Visitor Leadership Program, School Garden Project (Molalem, Mongang, Mouedikl- Plant, Eat, Move for the health of it!), Special Education Holiday Program Holiday and many others.

Olbiil Era Kelau (Palau National Congress) passed House Joint Resolution 10-56-13 recognizing Ambassador Hyatt’s exemplary services and “her tireless work in strengthening and furthering the friendship between the Republic of Palau and United States.”

Minister of State Faustina Rehucher-Marugg in bidding her Excellency Ambassador Hyatt farewell said, “Throughout your time in Palau, the United States was a strong presence here with remarkable presence and exposure.  Your presence here was very much cherished and your valuable work and support contributed to the intensification of the relationship between our two countries.”

Ambassador Hyatt also said she cherished the friendships she had developed with Palauan people and especially appreciates the daily prayers she received from many Palauans for her health and well-being as well as the well-being of the two countries.  A farewell dinner reception was held in her honor last night at the Palau Royal Resort.

After her departure, the US Embassy in Palau will be under a Charge d’ Affairs until a new ambassador is confirmed.