Ebil ra Otong Ereong Remeliik of the Otong clan of Ulimang, Ngaraard was finally laid to rest on February 8, 2020, five-month and 11 days after her passing on August 28, 2019.

Ebil ra Otong Ereong Remeliik, the female counterpart of Beches, a male title bearer of the Otong clan passed away on August 28, 2019.  Her funeral was slated for September 28 at Bai ra Ulimang with burial at Odesongel ra Otong.

Probably the most contested funeral and burial event,  it took eight motions and counter motions, trial and appeals to finally settle the issue of where to hold funeral and burial of the Ulimang’s highest-ranking woman.  The contest over who should be the rightful bearer of title Beches of Otong clan of Ulimang hamlet is central to the case.

Shortly after the announcement of the funeral, a motion for a temporary injunction barring funeral and burial on Otong clan properties were filed by contender to the Beches title Paulus Ongalibang and his party.  The court granted the temporary injunction and appeal was filed by Augustino Blailes and his party to stay the order granting a temporary injunction and barring funeral and burial on Otong properties.

Augustino Blailes and his faction requested for a stay of order, allowing funeral and burial and promise to remove remains should they lose the case for the title of Beches of Ulimang. Appellate ordered Trial Court to reconsider its order and after 30 days, Trial Court reconfirmed its order granting temporary injunction.  Another motion was filed to disqualify the trial judge which was in turn denied by the trial court.  After couple more filings, the appellate court issued an order reconfirming the trial court’s order for an injunction against funeral and burial on Otong properties confirming trial court’s decision that there would greater damage to the Paulus Ongilabang and his faction’s if the funeral and burial were to occur on the Otong properties.

This last Saturday, the funeral and burial were finally held at Kuateleu at Ulimang hamlet for the ranking female of Ulimang hamlet.

The case of the rightful title bearer of Beches is not settled and will continue in the coming months. (L.N. Reklai)