WASHINGTON (SPUTNIK)—U. S and New Zealand defense officials participated in a virtual meeting to discuss enhancing bilateral security cooperation to address challenges in the Indo-Pacific region, the U.S Defense Department said.

“[U.S] Assistant Secretary of Defense for Indo-Pacific Security Affairs, Dr Ely Ratner, and [New Zealand] Deputy Secretary for Defense Policy and Planning, Michael Swain, met virtually to conduct the 8th annual United States – New Zealand Defence Policy Dialogue,” the Defence Department said Wednesday.

The two officials reaffirmed their countries’ commitment to strengthen cooperation to address issues of mutual concern in the Indo-Pacific.

In addition, the officials also shared information on their defense strategies in the Pacific region and emphasised the need to enhance collaboration on security matters with Pacific Islands partners, it added

The Biden administration is working to enhance cooperation with partners in the Indo-Pacific region to counter a rising China, which it has labeled as the greatest challenge to the United States, according the Defence Department…PACNEWS

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