The United States has identified seven sites where the proposed radar towers will be installed.

Vice President Raynold Oilouch in the leadership meeting on August 29 stated that as of July 24 said the sites identified are Kayangel, Ngardmau, Angaur, Sonsorol and Helen Reef for the Maritime Domain Awareness Radar (MDA).


Sites proposed by the U.S. team for the Aerial Domain Awareness (ADA) are in Ngaraard and Angaur.

Discussions with landowners on the use of the land are still ongoing. Under the Compact, Palau is obligated to provide lands to the U.S. for defense and security purposes.

However some of the areas identified are private properties, which need discussions with the landowners.

According to President Tommy Remengesau Jr. the radar system will enhance Palau’s surveillance and enforcement  capabilities especially its  Palau National Marine Sanctuary.

The radar installation is also expected to spur employment opportunities for Palauan citizens to construct and operate the sites and training for Palauan officials to interpret and make use of the collected maritime data.

Remengesau highlighted that the radar will help with effective enforcement, surveillance and protection of the marine sanctuary especially from illegal, unregulated and unlicensed (IUU) fishing activities.

Remengesau said the radar would also help better protect the region from any incursions in the sea or air.

The five MDA technologies are offered to Palau by the U.S. to assist with maritime enforcement and surveillance. The Palau government will operate the systems.

With this, the U.S. also offered to fund the aerial surveillance valued at $300,000 for two years.

The U.S. under the Compact of Free Association with Palau is responsible for the island-nation’s defense. The proposal was first brought up early in July. (By: B. Carreon) [/restrict]