Koror, Palau – On October 2, a group of Japan tour companies founded by Dr. Minoru Ueki had individually donated to the Palau Conservation Society to support the Ocean Stewards Initiative. UBDI Belau Tour donated $1,000, UBDI Blue Marlin donated $1,000 and Rock Island Tour Company (RITC) donated $1,500. The three tour companies contributed a total of $3,500 towards inspiring Palau’s next generation of biologists, teachers, business owners and leaders to become future conservation champions of Palau.

UBDI Belau Tour, the oldest of the three companies has been a PCS Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC) for the past 22 years. RITC has been with CPC for the past 6 years and UBDI Blue Marlin is contributing as a CPC for the first time this year.  The three tour companies have been here since the 80’s providing ocean and land tour services to tourists and locals alike.

As CPCs companies like UBDI Belau Tour, UBDI Blue Marlin and RITC have contributed to many conservation outcomes in Palau that has benefitted the business and grassroots communities. PCS board of directors and staff would like to thank Dr. Ueki, Manager Yutaka Taiko, Manager Naoyuki Tominaga, and Manager Iguchi Ryo for their yearly commitment to supporting on-the-ground conservation work.

To find out more on how you can support PCS conservation efforts in Palau contact PCS Development Officer at 488-3993/4716 or gsaiske@palauconservation.org.  PCS Vision: “Healthy Ecosystems for a Healthy Palau.” (PR)