Palau Visitors Authority board of directors, management, and staff joined together for a company retreat, focusing on team building on Friday October 18th 2019.

The retreat began its morning session at the Palau Community College, Palau Tourism and Hospitality School of Excellence building. Divided into groups, the program took off with activities encompassing open discussions about current programs of the organization and challenges, along with mini games and a short meditation during intermissions.

Then after lunch, the afternoon session began, which was also dedicated to further strengthening team building. In partnership with Koror State Government, Bureau of Marine Resource and Belau Mari Culture, the PVA team planted 102 clams, a mix of 3 species of clams— duadou, kisem, ribkungel at Clam City, Ngchelobel island. This experience enhanced teamwork as well as giving back to our precious nature.

PVA would like to convey its warm appreciation to Palau Community College, Koror State

Government, Bureau of Marine Resource, Belau Mari Culture, and all who made this retreat possible.

PVA also issued a friendly challenge to all organizations to do the same. (PR)