Ms. Maya Mederang Malchiyanged visited the Embassy of Japan on September 24, 2019 after successfully completing a two-week Japanese language program for overseas outstanding students from September 4 to 18 in Japan.

The program organized by the Japan Foundation is held once a year for the purpose of inviting outstanding students learning Japanese overseas to visit Japan and to deepen their knowledge of not only the language but also its society and culture.

During her stay in Japan, Ms. Malchiyanged attended Japanese language classes and tried Japanese calligraphy as well as visited famous tourist attractions in Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. Furthermore, she also had a chance to spend time with a Japanese host family, who treated her to authentic Japanese food such as takoyaki and sushi.

Ms. Malchiyanged expressed her interest in continuing to learn the Japanese language while at Palau Community College. In addition, she hopes to keep in contact with her newly made friends from other countries and her host family in Japan.

The Embassy of Japan will continue to support the program as well as assisting Palauans who would like to pursue their education in Japan. (PR)