Judiciary hired a new Administrative Director and a new court counsel.  Kenneth Uehara is the new Administrative Director for the Judiciary, filling up a post that has been having been vacant for some time.

Alexane Welsch

Mr. Uehara brings extensive experience and qualifications to the position.  With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administration, Biology, and General Science, he also has an MBA from the University of Guam.  He is a retired US Airforce/Air National Guard veteran, former President of the Palau Chamber of Commerce, former Palau Public Utilities General Manager, and former Governor of Angaur State. 

He returned home in 2004 after his retirement from the military to “answer a call to serve Palau in different capacities.”

Judiciary welcomed another new employee, a court counsel who is a native of Montpellier, France, Alexane Welsch, Esq.  According to her bio, she holds a Master’s degree from the Universite Paris Nanterre, France, and graduated summa cum laude from the American University Washington College of Law.  She is an active human rights advocate and member of the Washington D.C. bar.

She said she looks forward to living and Palau and learning more about Palauan culture.

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