United Kingdom's Ambassador Daniel Pruce to Palau and the Philippines.

United Kingdom Ambassador Daniel Pruce to Philippines and Palau but based in Manila, Philippines, made effort to visit Palau before his term ended despite challenges of travel due to pandemic restrictions.

The purpose of his trip he said was to “step up intensity of contact on important areas of shared interest” especially in areas of environmental protection, climate change, protection of oceans.  “As our Prime Minister Boris stated, “the need to get humanities relationship with nature in balance.”

UK will host the next COP26 to be held this year in November in Glasgow.  At the upcoming COP26, a full range of issues related to climate change will be discussed including renewable energy, sustainable transport, green financing and nature-based solutions among others, related Ambassador Pruce.

Despite the distance between UK and Palau, he both are islands but perspectives can be different.  “Seeing ocean around us here,  Oceans Conference here has special relevance” remarked Ambassador Pruce of the Our Oceans Conference next year in Palau. 

Palau will host Our Oceans Conference early next year, around January.  “It is a good follow up from COP26,” stated Ambassador Pruce.

On other matters of collaboration, he added that he was looking to promote UK’s Chevening Scholarship Scheme.  This scholarship is a master’s program course with universities in England.  There is no age requirement but he said that they look at what the applicants’ aspirations are for the future, especially how they plan to use their experience to benefit their countries.

Referencing Chief Ibedul’s son Lebuu who was sent with Captain Wilson to England to learn and bring back knowledge, so applicants of the Chevening Scholarship Scheme will learn and bring back what they their experience to benefit their country.

Ambassador Pruce paid visit to President Surangel Whipps Jr. , Vice President J. Uduch Sengebau-Senior, President Patrick Tellei of Palau Community College, Palau National Scholarship Board and others during his brief tour of the country.  

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