By Colin C. Cortbus

Darwin Saisang Kaluu, an uncle of fugitive Amador Osima, has publicly asked his nephew to hand himself in to police and to stop terrorising the people of Palau.

Kaluu sent a clear message to Osima in a remarkably courageous interview with the Island Times. He stated “Please hand yourself in, because you know, you are terrorising the Republic of Palau, and people are scared”.

Osima handing himself in, the Uncle explained, would be the best course of action. Nothing but harm, he suggested would result from Keluu continuing to hide out.

Osima has a long history of criminal delinquency. Months prior to murdering Filipino migrant worker Virginia Ventura in a brutal machete attack in 2011, Osima was released on bail to the custody of his uncle Kaluu while on bail for previous, unrelated offences. For, a while, Osima seemed to be “doing ok”, potentially even on the path of improvement. “But he had watched a lot of crime shows [on TV]”, uncle Kaluu told the Island Times. Then, amid family disputes, Osima left his uncle’s home and began to stay with someone else. At the time of committing the murder of Venture, he was not living with Kaluu anymore.  There is no suggestions that Kaluu has done anything wrong.

Kaluu suggested the public should be worried about the risk of Osima re-offending. Osima, he warned, tended to be under the influence of drugs when committing his crimes.