Heirs to Our Ocean an organization that empowers youth into becoming future environmental leaders have partnered with Coral Reef Research Foundation, Biota, and Palau Paddling in hosting Underwater Excursion Learning Day.
This day of learning will take place on Tuesday, a school day, to promote outdoor classroom learning, as well as promote learning and knowledge of our waters for our future and future generations.
These are whole day events that will consist of local tour guides and scientist that will teach the youth about the environment and the fields they are working in.
There will be three activites for youths ages 13-22 years to pick one and participate in. All youth who wish to participate on this day may go to the link https:/airtable.com/shraZdB4GEiobMLN. A simple process that just asks your age, if your on island and sign a waiver form.
Heirs to Our Ocean is hosting this program just because they couldn’t host their Our Oceans Leadership Summit that is parallel event to Our Oceans 2020 they wanted to host this year. They want to do an activity for the youth just to be hands on and learn more about their environment.
One of the activities, Kayaking and Snorkeling at Nikko Bay with Palau Paddling is now full.
The activities are snorkeling at Jellyfish Lake with Coral Reef Foundation, Presentation at Biota and snorkeling at Ulong Island, and Kayaking and Snorkeling at Nikko Bay with Palau Paddling.
Olilai Chilton Palaus Heir to Our Ocean youth program coordinator would like to encourage as many people to apply so that they can see how to do it better for next year
“Most of the students that applied are from PMA and Mindszenty High school. This is our first Excursion Learning Day activity and I am hoping to do this annually and extend this event to the youth in Babeldaob.”

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