Clear is kind, unnclear is unkind.”~ Brene Brown

“Entitled,  selfish with impossible standards” are usually what you receive when you set out your personal boundaries. Personal boundaries are clearly rooted in communication. Defining the rules of your relationships to liberate yourself from people-pleasing and overcoming fear, shame, and guilt.  Accepting you’re flawed human being that will make mistakes is freedom.

We have to remember that good  parents don’t negate abuse. This is the reason for codependency. We make excuses. We pick and choose  and we always choose the ones well colored. Once you accept this fact you can begin the healing process

Our siukang has no boundaries. 

One the.most astonishing statement I heard was “Ngbai soak el blals e mad.” Really? I also asked  Why not?  When I die the whole tribe will come and pass a collection basket to pay it all.

It’s like I’m worthy enough to live life to the full without paying back my debts. The biggest lie is we have to live like the rich neighbors so we borrow and borrow until we die. No. We really don’t.

Our siukang is the most  manipulative and crazy making machine. Driving you to a corner where you feel so alone and treated like an enemy because you only gave $20 and not $200. Your sister gave $2000 plus udoud er Belau. You are shaming this family. Well I’m an anomaly.

One thing for sure is GOD, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, LOVE ME SO.  Saint Augustine said, “The word of God is like a lion. You don’t have to defend a lion. All you have to do is let the lion loose, it will defend itself.

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