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  1. Good, help each other to survive this 2gether all of us. Luke 14 Forsake all and everyone and yourself to become Christian
    Luke 12, Matthew 6 Sell out, give all to really poor people, and keep alms in secret
    Matthew 5 to 7, Work for J, not for $ ever, then J will give you and your family as well in case they follow the food and clothing
    Matthew 25, Help the poor, sick, needy, imprisoned to make J happy
    Mark 16 Share the love & truth to all the world, to everyone
    John 17 Work with others in love and peace
    Don’t take the Mark of the Beast right hand or forehead, the only way to buy or sell (It’s not the covid mask or vaccine, could be quantum tech) Revelation 13,14
    USA is likely the Babylon, to be destroyed with fire in 1 hour, Revelation 17,18 He loves everyone, and we need to love Him back

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