By Rhealyn C. Pojas

Two Palauans were deported by the United States and were expected to arrive unescorted in Palau last night.

Deportation documents sent to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) identified the deportees as Gadwin Sebalt and Franco Antipas, who were deported from Fresno, California and Portland, USA, respectively, after they were convicted in separate charges.


The deportation documents showed that Sebalt was ordered the deportation based on order of removal and convictions of Larceny, fraud, possession of amphetamine, probation violation, batter, possession of synthetic narcotic, and aggravated assault.

Meanwhile, Antipas was also deported for conviction of possession of amphetamine, failure to appear, domestic violence, and probation violation twice.

The deportees have served their sentences in United States and will not serve time in Palau. [/restrict]