The Palau Community College earlier this week received notice from the US Department of Education that its recently submitted Upward Bound Program grant proposal request has been approved for funding.

According to Upward Bound Program Director Larry Wakakoro, the current funding cycle for the program ends in august this year, and this funding news from the Department of Education comes at a perfect time to guarantee funding

availability, allowing much-needed services for Palau students to continue without interruption. This latest Department of Education grant will fund the Upward Bound for another 5-year cycle from 2022-2027, at an average yearly budget of over $400,000.00 dollars.

The PCC Upward Bound Program serves college-bound high school students and is one of the longest-running US funded competitive grant program in Palau. It

started in 1983 under Director Kuye Belelai who wrote the initial winning grant proposal and successfully led the program for over 38 years until her retirement

last year. Under Belelai, the program’s high achievement and success track record

have ensured continued funding. Next year the program will mark yet another milestone, celebrating four decades of education services and student accomplishments.

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