United States Department of Health and Human Services is sending a team of 16 medical personnel to Palau this March 7 to help vaccinate people against COVID-19 virus.

According to report from President Surangel Whipps Jr., the team is arriving with 4,800 doses.  At the same time, Palau will be receiving its March allocation of 4,000 doses of Moderna vaccines, totaling 8,800 doses. 

Palau began receiving coronavirus vaccines in January and to date it have received a total of 9,200 doses.  As of February 24, 4,448 people have received their 1st dose of the vaccine.  3,018 have received their 2nd dose which means that 17% of the total population, estimated at 18,000 is fully vaccinated.

President Whipps said they will ask that the remaining 13,000 of the promised doses be brought in at the same time so that Palau can be fully vaccinated.

He expressed his appreciation to the United States of America for helping to ensure that Palau remains COVID free by providing this vaccination assistance.

Palau’s leadership has expressed its desire for Palau to have 80% of its residents vaccinated.  With assistance of United States Operation Warp Speed vaccination project, Palau with other FAS countries and US territories started receiving COVID-19 vaccines in January and administering the vaccines to their people.

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