Officers from various law enforcement agencies participating in workshop on Combatting Financial Crimes conducted by INDOPACOM.

Technology brings significant improvements to people’s lives but it also has negative repercussions. This was a common premise held during a workshop conducted on Monday by U.S. INDOPACOM Interagency and Palau law enforcement on combatting cybercrimes.

Palau have had experiences in the past with some cybercrimes such as email scams but with advent of high speed internet, cybercrimes have not only increased but reached whole new levels of sophistication.

The workshop brought experts from various U.S. agencies to train Palau’s law enforcement officers and key personnel on combatting financial crimes and other cybercrimes now happening in Palau.

Palau law enforcement personnel represents various departments such as Customs, Immigration, Foreign Investment Board, Criminal Investigation Department, Tax & Revenue, Financial Unit and FIC and others.

The training covered information on transnational criminal actors in the Pacific and the different types activities they are involved in.  Discussions covered what US Magnisky Act is, the sanctions it imposes and impact of those sanctions. 

Other topics covered included cybercrimes, cryptocurrencies, countering threat finance, vetting foreign investors and digital forensics.

The program is an ongoing support and training for Palau’s law enforcement in collaboration with INDOPACOM.

President Surangel Whipps Jr. made welcoming remarks and stayed for the first half of the workshop to listen to and participate in a very informative program.

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