September 9, 2016  (Koror) Vice Presidential debate slated for September 15 is garnering widespread interest despite announcements that some candidates may not attend the event.

Sponsored by Palau Media Council and Palau Community College, the debate seeks to bring candidates to the public on an even playing field, to give the people as much opportunity as possible to take stock of their candidates and make informed decisions on Election Day.


Question whether this debate is really necessary or important since the job of a vice president will be as the President chooses, has been posed by couple of the candidates.

A vice president according to Palau Constitution has specific tasks to undertake but more importantly, to step into the shoes of the President in case of sudden incapacitation of the President.  Such event has occurred not once but twice in Palau’s short democratic history, where the first 2 presidents died untimely deaths and vice presidents have to step in to manage the country until the election process takes place.

In Palau’s short history, including currently, vice presidents have been at odds with the President’s choice of ministry they are placed in. These situations have resulted in contentions between President and Vice President.

An informal poll taken of people’s impressions of a vice presidential debate reveal a strong interest to see such debate as means to better gauge the character of each candidate and determine whether or not they are able to successfully fulfill the role of vice president if so elected.   [/restrict]