The Golden State Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Lakers, 117-97, on Friday night.

Stephen Curry and the rest of the Warriors superstars were understandably deflated. Losing to the Lakers — a budding young team under first-year head coach Luke Walton — just a day after their raucous win over the Oklahoma City Thunder had to be tough.


But this is why we watch the games. Not just for the wins and the losses, but for the human emotions.

Check out this bench with more than three minutes left in the fourth quarter:

That’s a tough look on the team slated by many to be champions. Many outlets have also picked the Warriors to win fewer games simply because the West isn’t as tough and they’ll be saving some energy for the playoffs, so it’s not entirely surprising they lost.

Mostly, I’m just worried for the New Orleans Pelicans, who have not won a game yet and will face an angry Warriors squad on Monday. [/restrict]