By: L.N. Reklai

(Koror, Palau)  July visitor arrival reports from Palau Visitors Authority shows a slight increase in number of visitors for the month of July compared to last month of June and to same time last year.  Total number of arrivals for the month of July 2016 is 12,494 compared to last month of 11,383.  Statistics also show that July 2015 total arrivals at 12,305, 189 lower than July 2016 numbers.


The report also show increase in top three leading markets, People’s Republic of China (PRC), Japan and Republic of China (ROC).  Other markets still continue to show decline.

PRC numbers show increase in July over June 2016, this, despite the report of ban on China travelers in China.  According to reports, the ban affects direct flights out of China and does not affect flights that are coming out of Hong Kong, Korea and other destinations that are connected to PRC.  PRC continues to be the top sourcing market with market share of 54.15%.

Japan market saw a recorded increase of arrivals of 43% in July 2016 over June 2016.  This number may continue to increase with All Nippon Airways to launch at the end of this August.

Republic of China arrivals for the month of July showed decline compared to June but still an increase over July 2015 numbers.

PVA reports that it continues to monitor the markets and recommend actions to address declining markets. [/restrict]