On Friday, June 19, 2020, Pastor John Zimmer of Omekulel a Bibilia er a Belau and the Palau Volleyball Federation held an indoor volleyball tournament at Palau High School’s gymnasium. Like the Island Jams tournaments that they hold every summer, the purpose of this event was to have something positive and encouraging for the youth to do.

The games started at 9 A.M. with a total of seven participating teams. Four teams registered that day while the other three came from the Leadership Camp that was held last week. Not only did the campers have the opportunity to learn new things, but so did their coaches. Maximus Lakobong said it was difficult at first because he had never coached before.As time went on, he became more comfortable and learned to work with kids from all ages.

Hayashi Hesus learned how to be more patient and to have a good attitude. He wished that the camp was longer because he enjoyed working with the kids. Erwei Ngirmidol enjoyed the camp as it gave him an insight to how a coach feels. He felt proud when he saw big improvement in the kids’ volleyball skills.

Clyden Clyde learned that leadership is an important skill that everyone should have. Though he gained more knowledge about the sport of volleyball, he feels that there is still much more to learn. Source: Volleyball Media (Bars Williams, Yangi Senior, Elias Melairei)

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