Airai, Palau – On February 1, 2022, the Vice President and Minister of Justice the Honorable  J. Uduch Sengebau Senior and Bureau of Public Safety Director Ismael N. Aguon were able to receive two (2) additional vehicles to add to the Bureau’s fleet of patrol vehicles. Through the generous offer of the Government and People of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Justice received a total of ten (10) new Police Patrol Vehicles to help ensure the public is safe as we prepare to host the 7th Our Oceans Conference

.  The Office of the President, through the Our Oceans Secretariat’s Office, has been very supportive of the Ministry of Justice’s effort to ensure our Police Force is equipped with proper vehicles. 

President Whipps has said repeatedly “Presence is Deterrence,” the 10 new Police Patrol Cars would enable police presence in our communities to promote peace and security for the people of the Republic of Palau and our visitors.

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