In a quick turn of events, Vice-President and Minister of Justice Uduch

Sengebau-Senior “Now approves” and endorses the appointment of Favian

Ngiramengior as the acting director of the Bureau of Public Safety.

At last Wednesday’s Senate oversight hearing, August 15, she stated “Since my letter, we have talked, and I now approve; therefore, he is the acting director,” referring to the appointment of Chief Favian Ngiramengior as Acting Director, per appointment of the absent Director Cary Levitre of August 14th. 

This happened a day after August 14 when Minister Uduch sent a letter disapproving Director Levitre’s appointment of the same Favian Ngiramengior as acting director, citing a “significant workload” and “severe staffing shortage”.

Following the chain of events, Director Levitre on July 28, 2023, appointed Ms.

Valerie Ikesakes as acting director prompting Minister Uduch to write a letter

stating Ms. Ikesakes is not a police officer, therefore, cannot serve in the position of acting director.

On August 10th, 2023, Minister Uduch appointed Richard Ngiratrang as the

acting director of the Bureau of Public Safety, which was followed by a letter the next day from the Attorney General stating her legal opinion that Richard Ngiraterang is also not a police officer with a minimum rank of a sergeant therefore, he cannot serve in such position.

On August 11, Director Levitre appointed the Chief of Patrol Division Favian

Ngiramengior as the acting director.   Minister Senior rescinded that appointment on August 14, 2023, then approved it the next day, August 15, 2023, after consultation with Director Levitre. She further stated at the oversight hearing

“Teamwork is important, I have reached out to Director Levitre, and that is why we are here today,” referring to acting director Favian Ngiramengior who accompanied her to the Senate oversight hearing.

These numerous attempts to fill the position of BPS director come after the rare occurrence when President Whipps suddenly terminated the former BPS Director Ismael Aguon in March of this year for poor performance.  (By: Eoghan Olkeriil Ngirudelsang)

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