The Chief of Staff of the Vice President is serving as temporary Public Information Officer (PIO) after former PIO official resigned last week citing person reasons.

Public Information Office at the MOJ exists to address queries of the residents of Palau and by extension the news media about the official deliberations of different arms of MOJ.

Earnest Ongidobel is carrying out the duties of PIO and although the position is temporary, he has assured transparency from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).

Ongidobel hinted that a new PIO will most likely be appointed by next week Monday.

In his conversation with the Island Times, he spoke about starting a system of MOJ press conferences where the officials can answer the media queries.

The police officials are often reluctant to talk to the media and answer questions posed by the media. Ongidobel expressed his hope for a working relationship between the officials and the media. He also assured more fluent transfer of information.

However, he clarified that this will be done keeping the investigative importance of a case intact and the details part of the investigation will be kept away.

Last week, Keiden Kintol who served as a PIO since its establishment resigned to pursue his future aspirations.

In his address to media, Kintol said, “I will truly miss being part of the Media, it too was an honor to learn in this field.”