At the Friday, August 13th school assembly, Kotel A Deurreng President, Philomena Temengil and KES Principal Mayleen Ngiriou introduced the Walk Safe Mascot “Randy the Rooster” to the entire student body at Koror Elementary School (KES).

Randy was greeted with much applause and excitement from the students. Randy the Rooster is the original mascot design created by the KES SY2020/21 fifth grade team The Roosters comprised of AJ Kuterbis, Degan Rdialul, Kean Reyes, Uchel Ngirngetrang, and Zandre Aguon.

Randy made remarks to remind the students to walk safe on the streets. Before leaving the assembly, Randy took time to meet and greet all the students and take pictures.

As part of the “Like” Walkable Palau: For the Health of It social marketing campaign, Kotel A Deurreng and Palau Walks continues to work with KES and relevant stakeholders to promote the walk safe messages:

1. Use the crosswalk. When possible, always use the crosswalk to cross the street.

2. Make eye contact. Do not cross until traffic stops.

3. Stay Alert. Do not use a device while walking. Pay attention.

4. Unplug. Take off earplugs or headphones while walking. Do not be a distracted walker.

5. Be bright at night. When walking at night, wear reflective or bright clothing or reflectors. Be seen.

For Randy the Rooster this marks the beginning of teaching students and the youth about walking safe on the streets of Palau. Randy will be the ambassador to bring the walk safe messages to other schools and communities in Palau.

“Like” Walkable Palau For the Health of It social marketing campaign is supported by the Australian Government and Kotel A Deurreng. With this support Kotel is able to effectively implement the walk safe campaign.

Kotel A Deurreng is a chartered non-profit organization established in 2014. Kotel has worked with government and community organizations on its purpose to connect, engage, and empower the community to take positive action towards better health and a happier life with a primary strategic focus of social marketing and creative communications.

To learn more about walk safe messages, promoting a walkable Palau, and/or future events, please email or visit the Palau Walks Facebook Page @PalauWalks.

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