With the 2022 Pacific Mini Games just around the corner, the Northern Marianas Athletics is looking for volunteers to help the track and field organization. (Mark Rabago)

SAIPAN, 12 JULY 2021 (SAIPAN TRIBUNE)—Northern Marianas Athletics is looking for volunteers to help the track and field organisation hold future events the biggest of which is the CNMI’s staging of the 2022 Pacific Mini Games next year.
NMA president Ramon Tebuteb the success of the islands’ track and field athletes is partly due to unselfish volunteers who toil under the hot sun for hours to make sure the organization’s meets are conducted properly.
“As you know, the CNMI is hosting the Mini Games next year. Most if not all of our activities are fueled by our volunteers. Along with our stakeholders, private businesses, and public agencies, they are the pillars of NMA,” he said.
NMA secretary general Robin Sapong, who is also the president of the Oceania Athletics Association, said the Mini Games is a huge undertaking and with 216 athletes competing in athletics—third most in the quadrennial event next year—it’s paramount that NMA train a number of volunteers and technical officials.
“With 42 athletics disciplines/events at the NMI Pacific Mini Games 2022 our goal is to train at least 40 to 50 Level 1 technical officials and 40 volunteers. The reason we are recruiting now is to give us time and chance to offer a pathway for online courses through Oceania Athletics Association and World Athletics.
The NMA official earlier said they continue to include masters events in their meets with the idea that some of the participants would eventually be persuaded to make up their new pool of volunteers…..PACNEWS

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