As of December 29, 2017 the   current water supply improvement project to upgrade the water system of Palau is 82 percent complete, according to the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC).

PPUC stated that all transmission and water distribution lines have been installed and ready to be disinfected. 


The project is also aimed at installing second treated water transmission lines and removing health hazard asbestos pipes in the network and prevent leaks in the system.

The project has a completion date of March 2018.

The major components of the project are: 1) Strengthening the transmission main from Airai Water Treatment Plant to Ngerkosowaol service tank; 2) Rationalization of water distribution zones which includes establishing Malakal zone with construction of new Malakal tank; and 3) Extension of transmission main to the tank and replacement asbestos-cement pipes.

PPUC said pending works in the project includes disinfection, drainage and other works that include connections of the system to households.  Asphalting of roads that have been dug to install the pipes also continues from Ngermid to the Koror-Airai Water Treatment Plant. (By: Bernadette Carreon) [/restrict]