Marcello Pierantozzi, businessman, former president of Palau International Trading Inc. (PITI), and husband of former Vice President Sandra Pierantozzi, passed away on June 19, 2023, at the age of 88.

A long-time resident of Palau, Mr. Marcello Pierantozzi with his wife, Sandra Pierantozzi, own successful businesses in real estate, retail, and space rental.  Both are strong environmental conservationists and have contributed greatly to protecting the environment, including establishing their property in Peleliu as a conservation area, the MVP Forest of Hope.

He is known for his straight talk, jokes, and practical approach to life.  He made Palau his home until he passed this year.

He is survived by his wife, former Vice President Sandra Pierantozzi, his niece Dr. Daniella Rastelli and his nephew and niece.

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