Court Trial Division accepted the guilty plea from defendant Burton Wenty for one count of Possession of More Than One Gram of a Controlled Substance and sentenced him to 2 years of imprisonment with credit for time served of six (6) months and twenty-five (25) days.  He was also ordered to pay fine of $2,500.

The judgment order also gave him one (1) of Supervised Probation and dismiss Criminal Case 20-236 against him.

The case stemmed from an investigation and arrest of Mr. Burton Wenty in April of 2018.  Narcotic Enforcement Agency had served a search warrant at Burton Wenty’s auto shop in Ngerbeched where they confiscated 2 baggies with crystalline substance weighing 8.25 gram that were tested positive for “ice” or methamphetamine.  Law enforcement also seized 100.6 grams of in a thermos cup which tested positive for methamphetamine.  Also seized were several high-powered compressed airguns, drug paraphernalia, and other items.

Mr. Wenty had previous convictions for drug trafficking and possession of fire arms.  He was pardoned for his drug conviction in 2009.

Mr. Wenty has been in jail awaiting his trial and the time 6 months and 25 days he had served will be credited toward his 2 year sentence.

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