More rains are expected in Palau as a very wet monsoon continues in the country and Yap.

According to the weekly regional outlook from the National Weather Service in Guam, said the wet monsoon will continue during the week and that winds will be gusty at times. 

Wet monsoon continues to bring rain in Palau

“Make sure they are secured or taken down until conditions improve. The public is reminded to take extra precautions like watching vehicle speed, maintaining a safe driving distance, turning on headlights when visibility is low, and being alert while driving for possible flooding, mudslides/landslides, and/or debris on the road. “

On Monday night, due to heavy rains, landslide occured at Echang hillside in Koror, causing part of an old house to collapse. No injuries were reported.

The Palau NEMO, the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is informing the general public of the current status of the Marine Advisory System as well as reminding the public on general safety precautions during inclement weather. 

It cautioned the public about windy and rainy conditions by securing loose items such as tents, tarps, boats, and other outdoor items. 

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